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**TOP 20 FEATURE REQUESTS- Please UPVOTE or COMMENT on the ones you would like to see!** Pinned
43 votes 0 comments
Copy/paste a page from one activity to another Answered
187 votes 80 comments
Create groups within one class
331 votes 79 comments
list of activities not completed Answered
166 votes 64 comments
Announcement to Multiple Classes
115 votes 62 comments
Weekly Notifications
128 votes 57 comments
Select multiple activities and archive them all at once :-) Answered
159 votes 53 comments
Locking Size & Shape of moveable pieces Answered
186 votes 50 comments
Scheduled messaging for parent and student announcements
257 votes 49 comments
Edit Item should not kick you back to activity list Answered
198 votes 42 comments
Lock Page Order in Activity Answered
138 votes 41 comments
Sort Students by Last Name
88 votes 40 comments
Parents able to see incomplete work
184 votes 39 comments
Infinite Clone
137 votes 39 comments
Activity URLs for Students Answered
59 votes 37 comments
LTI Integration
76 votes 37 comments
Crop within SeeSaw
225 votes 33 comments
Scheduling Announcements
60 votes 31 comments
Alphabetical by LAST name
24 votes 31 comments
Translation of the application in French
20 votes 30 comments
Deleting Activities from Library in Bulk
38 votes 30 comments
Student notifications for teacher comments (returned work) Completed
129 votes 28 comments
Messages to and from students individually
159 votes 28 comments
Default to grabber tool when opening an assignment not pen Answered
200 votes 26 comments
Can't view missing assignments by student Answered
48 votes 25 comments
Select, copy, and paste multiple objects at once
85 votes 25 comments
Music & Audio Files
14 votes 25 comments
Organizing School & District Library
57 votes 24 comments
Class App - Multiple Students
17 votes 23 comments