Curfew Setting

I would absolutely love a curfew setting for messaging. When we use to use Class Dojo for parent communication, they had a curfew setting where you could set a specific time frame of when parents could not message you but were notified that messaging was in curfew mode and that I may or may not get back to their message until the curfew was over (my curfew was from 7 pm to 7 am). The reason I feel that this setting is not only necessary but also essential, is because there needs to be that fine line and specific boundary for parents who tend to message at all times of the night and have that expectation of teachers to respond immediately. I’ve had teachers who are required to use Seesaw tell me that they wake up to so many messages from parents that were sent in the middle of the night. One teacher expressed that a parent contacted her at 3 am and the parent reported her to her principal for not responding back. Not to mention this helps on weekends too! I truly hope that a curfew setting will be strongly taken into consideration. We need to create healthy boundaries with parents! There needs to be respect for our personal time as well!



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