There was absolutely nothing wrong with the previous messages function. It has been nothing but headaches with the new update. A parent is either going to reply or not reply to a message and I don't truly understand the function of New Announcement. Allowing parents to not reply doesn't stop them from messaging me privately. This problem also rolls over into me messaging parents. In the past it was so much easier to find the parent (because they were already located within in my messages) but now I have to either send them a message privately or they have to message me first, so they can be in my message feed!! Whyyyyyy?  All of my parents should be in my message feed to begin with!!! Why ask a parent to join Seesaw if teachers can't automatically start conversations? So frustrating!!! These new updates are not practical for me and should be an option the teacher can turn on or off. I just want to be able to send messages to all my parents or individually without having to chose New Announcement or New Conversation.  




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