Unable to Export from iPad Apps to Seesaw


Seesaw used to come up as a "quick export" option when trying to share a supported file type from an external app on iPadOS/iOS to upload into Seesaw. Since the new update, Seesaw is not an available app to export to from other apps.

We use Seesaw on a whole school level (900 Students) and are finding that our younger students are having a really hard time with having to save their work to the Files app and then going into Seesaw to upload their files manually. 

I'm not sure if this feature is broken or removed but could we please get it back?



  • We have found the same issue and some teachers are frustrated to have lost this feature. I hope it can be resolved.

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  • This feature is key for my young students as well!  Please bring this back!  Even as a teacher, I work extensively with Notablity and it is so much more efficient to share a pdf to SeeSaw directly from Notability rather than save the pdf to files, then upload the pdf from within SeeSaw, and finally delete the pdfs from my desktop.

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  • Yes! This feature is absolutely VITAL! It makes life as a teacher a million times easier - why would such a important feature be taken away?? Ive always had students share work from any app or from websites within Safari to Seesaw but now we're at a stand still because of this. Seesaw please fix asap!!!!

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  • Losing this feature has made sharing work much less accessible for our elementary students on their ipads.

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