Connecting more than one parent in messages

Is there a way to connect the mother and father in the same message? That way mom and dad aren't each answering the same message on announcements, but also I don't have to upload the same attachments/messages to the parents separately?


  • I would also like to know the answer to this question. This is the only fault that I have with this program. I would like to message small groups of parents at the same time or even just one child's family members without having to send multiple messages.

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  • I would love for this to become part of Seesaw.  I use Seesaw as my main way to communicate with parents/guardians and there are times that some announcements only apply to certain families.  It would be a real time saver if I could choose multiple families to send an announcement out to instead of individually or to all families in the class.

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  • I would also like to know if two profiles for each parent will work for login and to access. Uncomfortable with father commenting under my log in. Separated parents access there child’s profile?

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  • Yes, please!! Copying the message and then pasting to multiple parents takes time.  Is it possilble to have a checkbox choice of who we can send a message to and choose multiple parents? when I submit work for students I can choose which students get it placed in their folders.  Thanks for considerating this!

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