Turn off replies on announcements

Having a feature to turn on/off family and student replies for each individual Announcement would be brilliant!

This feature does not exist.  Currently, all recipients can reply to announcements. While Seesaw allows replies for individual accounts to be switched on / off (under Class Settings - Manage Families), it does not allow for each announcement to either receive / not receive replies.

Checking for responses to Announcements is an additional daily check, especially for those who teach numerous classes. Often, the Announcement is intended to be simple one-way communication where no response is either needed or wanted. Please consider adding a toggle switch to Announcements that to allow / not allow replies. Thank you!



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  • This feature is definitely required for Educators to have choices when it comes to one-way or two-way communication with Families. I would also say along with that button as requested by other teachers also enable the scheduling of announcements and enabling turning off of replies by Families after a particular date for a given announcement.


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