Schedule Activity for a DATE RANGE

I love the Schedule feature built in for assigning activities. PLEASE allow us to set a Date Range for an activity. This will allow me to set an activity for 5 days and each day with the date range, it will appear at the top of the activity feed for students. 

Thank you for considering this! 



  • This would be SO GREAT!  Often I have a daily warm-up activity and it would be super helpful to be able to assign it by date range instead of every day!  Great idea!!

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  • I have often wondered if this feature would happen in the future and I'm so glad someone asked.  It would be a great way to differentiate for students without the added process of assigning an activity day by day (for each group) that you would like them to continue doing for the whole week.  I really hope this is on the horizon!!! 

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