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Can an option or button be created so you can control which class displays first if you are enrolled in multiple classes? Youngest learners are having trouble noticing which class they are in when they have multiple classes. It would be nice to already have that set for students.



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  • I agree and have a Feature Request for the Products Team. It would make a lot of sense to have my own class open up after signing on to Seesaw through Clever. Last year when I did not use Clever to sign in, my own class always opened after logging in. Now, it is my shared teacher's Seesaw class that opens rather than my own. The same thing happens to her with my class opening. We each have to click on our own classes to see them.

    It seems that there could be a 'preferred or default class option' that would ensure that when we use Clever sign in it opens our class directly. It should not be extra work to locate our class when we choose to team up with our partner teachers.  Thanks for all you do at Seesaw, Laura

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