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Private posts as a default setting



  • Mrs. Del Vechio

    Yes! I'd love to leave many assignments in the class journal, but I can't because others can read comments. I use the blog, but it would be nice to have this option. 

  • Helen Gamble

    Yes it would be great to have this option.

  • Melissa Campbell

    I agree that having this option would be extremely useful. Especially in times of online learning, where teachers need to feedback to students about how drafts etc can be improved. Teachers (and students) don't always need the parents to see that work or those comments. If Seesaw is going to be used as more than a 'online polished work portfolio,' this option really is necessary.  

    The blog is nice, but it doesn't eliminate the child's own parents seeing working that is meant only for the teacher or the class.

  • Rachel Wright

    I totally agree this would be a great option and extremely useful. As a teacher, you don't always want parents to read your feedback and this would allow for more open communication between child and teacher, especially during times of online learning.

  • Mrs Daniels

    Hi Sean,

    I agree with this too. It would be great to have an option about which posts are visible to parents and which posts are not. Thanks for bringing this up.


  • Angela Turner

    This would be a super useful feature. 

  • Katie Senior

    Agree, this would be a helpful feature. Thanks. 

  • Roslyn Twine

    This would be a very helpful feature, especially when children are videoing their work or recording a response.  Often there is a lot of background noise from other students or the teacher which can't be edited out.  


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