Stop students changing names

Students are able to change their user names in SeeSaw.

For example, a fourth grader changed his first and last name to TanMan.

With hundreds of kids at multiple schools this can't happen.

I spoke to the kid and told him to change it back. 

Is there any way to lock down this option in SeeSaw making it unavailable to students?



  • Agree 

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  • Been asking for this since online learning started with COVID. Please search and vote for all threads supporting this

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  • This would be a super helpful addition... for a teacher to be able to turn the setting on or off depending upon the abuse of the setting.

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  • Please can you bring this feature in- my students are changing their names to inappropriate things or so that there are multiple people in the same class with the same name. As the school administrator, I spend ages looking up the students number on our system and changing the names back.

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  • Please add this feature to Seesaw! Can't believe it isn't available already👎

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