500 Activity Limit

I was writing to see if there was a way or a plan to increase the number of activities I can save in my library.  I am a first-grade teacher who has been using Seesaw since the pandemic began and I plan to use it in the future.  I paid out of pocket for the subscription and would like to see the ability to save more activities.  I want to save the assignments for next year.  We have been doing so much work that to have to delete an assignment for more space is not something I want to do.  We aren't even halfway through the school year and I am very close to the 500 limit.   



  • Agree. Please lessen the stress for teachers and allow unlimited activities.

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  • Yes! I am 100% virtual and my main platform is SeeSaw. I would love an increase in limit so I do not have to remove and reupload assignments for the following year. 

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