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I often search through my library for activities under a specific name like "word building 15" and I have to scroll through so many activities just to find the matching activity. It seems like the search feature just isn't very effective. Is there a way to upgrade it so it searches more efficiently?


  • Not only this area: The library needs to be more organized too, can add a feature by dates or by folders 

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  • I agree! I was search for an assignment that my friend used.  I was typing in the exact title and I couldn't find it.  I find it hard to use too. I 'm not sure what the "search" actually pulls up. 

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  • I completely agree. You should be able to search by date or by title. It is impossible to find anything. If I put in 'week 1' millions of activities come up and it is impossible to find what I am looking for. I'm finding it's easier to re do an entire lesson from scratch than it is to find a previous lesson. It's so annoying. I have to look at my archived activities, scroll all the way down (which is also annoying and takes ages) to the activity I did at this time the year before, find an obscure word in it and then go back to my library and search for that obscure word.

    Must be a more intuitive way to search for activities. Like using inverted commas so only activities with those exact words in the title come up. Or even if you could search for just words in the title or by date. 

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  • Same problem.  I searched using the exact string of characters.  I mean, what on Earth can a search engine do if it can't AT LEAST match the characters you type  ????? 

    I searched for "Add 10"    or "Add 10 to a single digit" 

    here is the exact  title of an assignment in my library copied & pasted....

    Add 10 to a single digit (just put a 1 in front!)

    and the search engine returned dozens of things.... except that!

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