**TOP 20 FEATURE REQUESTS- Please UPVOTE or COMMENT on the ones you would like to see!**

Please refer to the list below for the TOP 20 Feature Requests. If you see one that you would also like added to our product, please UPVOTE and/or COMMENT so that our engineers are informed about what feature requests you would like to see in any future updates!

If you do not see one listed here that you would like to request, please search our posts to see if someone has already posted it. If not, please create your own post! Upvoting and commenting is the most concise way to share your feature requests with us! 

  1. Create and assign activities to group of students in a class
  2. Scheduling Announcements
  3. Crop within Seesaw
  4. Default tool set to grabber tool, instead of pen
  5. Ability for parents to see list of students incomplete work
  6. Student Messaging option
  7. Bulk Archive activities in a class
  8. Easier notification for when teacher has commented on student work
  9. Cloning an object infinitely
  10. Manage notifications, specifically Weekly Notifications
  11. Locking Pages
  12. Activity deadlines
  13. Teacher Announcement to Multiple Classes
  14. Sort Students option
  15. Limit if a student can respond multiple times
  16. LTI Integration
  17. Select, Copy and Paste Multiple objects at once
  18. Organization of School & District Library
  19. When creating an activity: Copy content between the Student Template and the Multimedia Example
  20. More options for teacher notifications 

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