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Like many teachers, I am teaching hybrid. So, two days a group of students are in school, the other three days they are at home doing assignments on seesaw.

My request is..PLEASE make it an option to create "groups/cohorts" to assign assignments to instead of having to go through your whole class roster and select which students you need to assign it to. This is EXTREMELY time consuming.

Unfortunately, a hybrid schedule looks like the new normal for a while due to COVID.




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    Thanks for this request. We do have a few threads for this request, and it's best to upvote or comment on those so that our engineers can see the best.


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  • YES! I would like to assign differentiated homework for my reading small groups and it takes forever to choose 5 individual students for 5 separate assignments. The ability to create groups and assign to groups is crucial. 

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  • Having the ability to assign homework to different groups rather than individual students would save so much time!!! I hope that you will consider implementing this feature in the near future!!!

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  • The ability to assign to groups of students would be SO helpful for the teachers and tutors that I work with. Please implement as soon as possible! 

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  • This is a great idea. I spend a lot of time assigning work to individual students. Having a group feature would make this so much more efficient!

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