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Dear Seesaw,

You guys do such a great job and have made teaching and learning online much more manageable. 

For items that are sent back, it would be great if they were marked in a way for the student so they could easily access the returned work and see the comment that the teacher has left directly below the work so that they can make corrections, send it back, and remove the mark (I'm thinking like a red dot number somewhere visible). 

The fact that comments are not easily visible to the student when work is sent back is counterproductive for the teacher and the student.

Thank you for the great work you do!



  • I agree. It is very confusing for the students and often they submit the activity without making changes.

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  • I also agree - we have had to spend a whole lesson just on looking at our sent back activities and how to check the comments. 

    It would be lovely to have a clear notification there is an outstanding comment to action.

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  • In addition to the Send Back Feature:

    1. It would be better if the teacher could easily mark on their work instead of the comments, as they don't see them. or using the three dots, as it takes you out of the assignment you are grading and into their journal.

    2. It automatically saves the work in a Needs Revision Folder. Then after it is approved it gets removed from the Revision folder.

    3. Sends an alert to parents. Lets keep those parents in the loop and having better communication.


    Thank you for all your support.

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  • Julie Sivers has great feedback!!!  DO ALL of HER suggestions.

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