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There is a lot of chatter about purified YouTube Videos.  Teachers are using Choice Boards, BitMoji Classrooms, and other creative ways to allow student to watch videos from YouTube.  Many are using free methods to purify the YouTube videos to avoid showing adds and distracting content to students.  While this works, many of the free resources are limiting and disappear without warning.  This just happened with SafeShare.  Other solutions work, but come at a cost or are some are unsafe.  Blocking YouTube is also a common response because it YouTube is deemed unsafe for kids.  

My request is for Seesaw to add an Embed YouTube option, so the videos can be viewed directly in Seesaw in an activity or post. Students will not need to leave Seesaw to view videos AND will be able to view videos in a Safe format without the "what's next" rabbit hole distractions.  





  • Would love to see the ability to embed video hosted on any video hosting site. Vimeo, YouTube, etc. If the video hosting website has a ready-made embeddable link, then it should work in Seesaw!

    As it is now, students have to

    1. tap on a link in the instructions (or worse: tap on the example, which only contains one link and nothing else, and then, 2. tap AGAIN to follow the link) 

    3. watch or listen or do whatever in the location of the link, 

    4. remember not to click other videos on in the new app or on the new website

    5. navigate BACK to seesaw (this is the hard part. Students get lost. Especially young ones!)

    6. then exit the example

    7. tap the green add button to continue with responding to the activity


    The workflow should be much simpler. 

    1. student taps the example in which the teacher has posted a single embeddable link from Vimeo or YouTube (or any other site that allows you to embed their content), 

    The example page pops ups and the video automatically starts playing. Student can stop, pause, restart or repeat as needed without leaving Seesaw.

    2. Student can then exit the example, landing back on the instruction page

    3. they tap the green "Add Response" button to complete the activity

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