give us an option to eliminate "add response" for certain assignments

My colleagues and I were hoping SeeSaw could let us determine if a response is necessary for each assignment we post. For example, some assignments do not require something to turn in (reading etc.) and the assignment remains in the child's account as "incomplete." There should be a way for us to decide if we want them to turn something in. I do not want to post in announcements because students still need to watch a video or lesson, but sometimes they don't have to submit work. We should be able to choose whether or not an assignment requires a response, OR parents/students should have the option of just marking an assignment as 'viewed" or "complete."



  • Sorry but not a supporter.... This is my opinion....

    This seems to be a request that is currently driven by remote learning. During onsite/standard teaching... we wouldn't be creating a seesaw activity without a response. 

    The purpose of creating or assigning an activity is to GET a response from the student which will in turn, add to the journal as a sample of their learning. This is what Seesaw was originally designed for. I think, some changes purposes will be short lived and not required in 12months as the world returns to Covid normal. That is a lot of man hours and programming for a short lived feature. 

    As an alternative you could

    *List the activity in their daily schedule as a requirement 

    *Create a simple 2 second response task for that activity such as circle 1/3 smiley faces for how they went, or a traffic light. Then... hit "APPROVE ALL" on that activity's responses at the end of the day. 

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  • I think this is totally necessary. Not just for distance learning.  Our specialists would like to post read aloud videos for all students to access during school or remotely. 

    Posting a specific resource for students and families does not always require a response and it would fit in with the purpose of compiling a digital learning journal.  

    There is also the need for students to have a place to organize links to learning websites.  Students would be returning to these activities day after day. It would be extremely helpful to have all of their learning materials in one place.  

    I think the option to turn it off or on would be a good thing.  It gives more flexibility to use Seesaw to enhance teaching and learning.  I would also include the option for the activity to remain in the assigned folder after a response has been made.  This makes it easier for students to see they need to create multiple responses.  

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  • There will not be a “return” to the Pre-COVID-19 world.  Remote learning will remain a feature of the educational landscape for many years to come.  To that end, as an educator, I should be able to post resources and links that don’t require a response. Educators ARE using Seesaw in this way and a tech company has an obligation to adapt to the needs of its users.  As a parent, my children are overwhelmed when they log in and see the red dot with a high number of “incomplete” assignments because they are really resources he/she needs to complete the assigned work. 

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  • Thank you! I hadn't even considered what this means to kids. It's totally necessary and I can't believe it's not an option yet. 

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  • For those thinking "this is just a remote learning issue".

    A) remote learning is not going away.  Though  it will likely lesson.

    B) there is NO way to send a message to multiple classes at once, and some of us have 30+ classes.  This is ALSO not going away, but will be less frequent.

    C) So to send a message without taking half an hour to do it (literally, I have timed it), the only way to do so is to make it an activity.

    D) And that means that 500+ students now have something on their dashboard that they need to respond to in order to get rid of the "you have an assignment missing" notification.  And THAT means I get 500_+ responses that I do not need.

    We desperately need to EITHER be able to message more than one class at a time, OR be able to turn off "response required" from assignments.

    Not everything needs a grade - virtually or in real life.  It really should be an option.

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  • I think this would be such a useful feature. Yes, I mostly want it for remote teaching but I also think it is important to have the option to put something into a child's to do list or not. This is very important for managing student anxiety, supporting students who need help with organization and helping families track work. 

    It would not hurt to have it in-person schooling time either as you might have an extension activity that not everyone will get to but it's okay because it won't show as pending work for others. 

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