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Urgent - Incomplete Activities Report




  • Official comment
    Audra Asadurian

    Thank you so much for this great feedback! Our team has just launched the Progress Dashboard, which allows teachers to view at-a-glance all the activities within their class, and which students have completed, started a draft, or not submitted work for each activity. This update is available online and for Seesaw for Schools and Plus users!

  • Kate Savoca

    YES, PLEASE make this your top priority!

    Thank you!


  • Mrs. Serafino

    Yes please make this feature possible. 



  • Neva Hillard

    This would be the SINGLE MOST HELPFUL thing that Seesaw could offer us right now.  

  • Mallory Martin

    This is a great idea! It would make parent-teacher conferences so easy. It would be nice if you could print an entire report by student--not just incomplete assignments, but also scores, dates of submission, etc.

  • Erin Jones

    Yes, it would be so helpful to show parents a report of incomplete work.  If a student isn't making adequate progress, the Student Activity Report can "show" that students may be making better progress if they completed the necessary activities in Seesaw.  It is very time consuming to open up each activity to see what students didn't complete the activity.  Reports should be accessible for teachers.  Why they aren't, I'm not sure.  Please make this available soon:)

  • Ms. Britta

    Please! Urgently needed! I like the suggestion that a link to the incomplete activities would be in the table (but as an uncluttered hyperlink), but even more importantly would be a simple csv to show teachers at a glance trends in assignment completion. Thank you so much, Seesaw, for listening to teachers and responding to our requests!

  • Sarah Kotko

    AGREED! I am creating a weekly accountability report for students by hand and it is incredibly time consuming. Almost all the other platforms I use have this feature for teachers, not just for administrators. 


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