Sending Back Student Work

I would love to see a feature that helps the children see when there is a comment left by the teacher in a really obvious way.  I know they get a notification, but some children are not as savvy at reading those.  Is there a way to make the comment stand out more?



  • There are several ways. I have 7-8 year old students and I do one of the following:

    1. I go into it and edit it by writing the comment using the label tool and making a solid background eg Red in the label. I make this fairly big and then send it back to draft if I want them to do more on it. Otherwise, I approve it like that.

    2. I use the read, write and draw feature and leave a comment that way. 

    3. I use the video feature and insert a comment that way.

    4. It is a bit laborious to change the date, but I have also done that at times to ensure the assignment appears at the top of their feed. 


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  • I agree. Students always think that they just forgot to submit their response and just re-submit it without going to their journal or inbox to read the comments.

    One idea I have that when the teacher sends work back to students, it appears in their ToDo list as "Needs correction", rather than "Finish Response" button. That way students know to go to their journal and read the feedback from the teacher. Oh, and maybe a help text that appears when they hover over the button to say "Go to your journal and read your teacher's response"

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  • I agree. I love the "Send Back" feature. However, it is very frustrating. None of my students correct their errors. When I send work back to my students, they just resubmit it because they are finding it in their "TO DO LIST" and they just think they didn't respond. I looked for the comment that I had written in the comment section and it does not appear on their screen when they choose to finish the assignment. I think that a tab that says "to correct" or "teacher sent back" would be great. It should include my comment also. In addition when approving an assignment - I would like the option to record my comment, so my students can listen to my response when I send back their work. 

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  • I agree with everyone here, and the fact that I navigated to this page demonstrates that I was searching for a better way for students to keep up with their corrections. I've spent the better part of a Sunday coming up with an accurate accounting for each student/parent of work that needs correcting.  To Amy's comment about recording a comment - the comment section, which offers typed and voice options, is so embedded into the returned assignment, the students just don't see it. I finally abandoned that method and started editing with a text box and a designated color for my edits - fuschia - so the students know to look for it. About 1/3 of my class consistently does corrections. Frustrating, for sure, and I realize that Seesaw is a work in progress. I just wish the updates could roll out faster!

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  • I always have a title page to my assignments. Like...just a page with a color background (I designate different background colors for different subjects) that has the subject title and date on it and that's it. 

    So when a student turns in the assignment and I see that they didn't finish or they have to fix, I'll add a video of myself and make it big on the cover page. So when the students see it back in their activity tab, they can see the video on that cover page, and they click on it and watch it. I explain in the video what pages they need to fix and exactly what they need to do. Sometimes I even circle specific problems that they need to fix on the page they need to fix it, but I always tell them what page to refer to in the video. 


    Like, "You missed three problems on page two. I circled them for you! When you complete those problems, click on the green check to turn it in again."

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