Date stamps/Real Time feed?

It would be great if there were automatic date and time stamps to the assignments each time the students open and work on their assignments. This would allow me to see when my student began and was working on their assignments, especially when I give kids time in class to do the work. I'd like to make sure they are actually doing what I'm asking. Otherwise, another idea is to allow us to see a real-time feed of the assignment. So we could see if the students are working on what we're asking them to.



  • Yes! It would be nice to know when it was assigned, drafted and finished.

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  • The absence of timestamps that indicate the exact time of submission is a major flaw. When a student copies another student's work on Seesaw, if it is submitted on the same date, you can't tell who copied whose work because there is no timestamp to indicate who submitted it first.

    In such situations, how on earth are students supposed to be disciplined? One can't even determine which student is at fault! Please treat this as urgent and add timestamps ASAP.

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  • Thanks for adding the timestamps to Seesaw!

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  • It would also be nice to see who has looked at activities with the Seen by feature like in Announcements. Some of my assignments are just to watch a song video or read aloud and don't have anything that they have to turn in,and I don't know if they looked at it or not

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