Making folders for the My Library

My Library has so many items in it that it is overwhelming.  Is there a way to create folders in your library so you don't see everything.  If you want a specific subject you can just click on the folder in your library and you can see all the activities you have for that subject?  It would be nice to organize my library.



  • I really want to be able to do this too!  Wish it had a more Pinterest feel to it!

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  • And a way to assign multiple activities to a folder at a time.  Right now I have to place each individual assignment in a folder one at a time- very time consuming!  ex. an activity for each alphabet letter = 26 individual times placing each one in the same Alphabet folder!

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  • I feel that that this is what the 'collections' is for but once an activity is added to it, it still remains on my 'recent activity' list. I have over 300 activities that I would like to organise into collections and have them stay there so I can find/access activities more easily.

    PLEASE make it easier to organise, find and DECLUTTER our library. Thank you!

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  • It would also be wonderful if there was a feature added to each activity that states something like, " you have already assigned this activity this year"

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