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Is there a way for classroom teachers, not just admin,  to view whether or not students have completed an activity without having to click into each assignment and check? It is so time consuming. I would love something like a class activity report that I could print out weekly instead having to do this manually. Learning platforms like Zearn, Epic, and Lexia have this feature and it is so helpful. I have SeeSaw for Schools-not the free version. 




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    Thank you so much for this great feedback! Our team has just launched the Progress Dashboard, which allows teachers to view at-a-glance all the activities within their class, and which students have completed, started a draft, or not submitted work for each activity. This update is available online and for Seesaw for Schools and Plus users!

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  • Strongly AGREE!
    TEACHER REPORTS are a needed function for licensed partners. Our district has purchased SfS and mandated its use for K-5 as the primary LMS during distance learning.

    Please enable a form of exportable spreadsheet reporting that allows teachers to maintain/expand-on records of student activity in Seesaw. It appears that currently only Admin users have access to something like this and that it is only for the most recent week. Without a better tool, teachers will have a very difficult time reporting to families about student use and growth, especially at ends of quarters.

    Please let us know if we are missing something that already exists that will help teachers, and if not, please implement as soon as possible. THANKS!

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  • As I sit here beginning report cards for the first time in 13 years - I am longing for exactly what is mentioned above -an activity report of the children's efforts in See Saw.  I see that admin can get this, but I think it would be more useful to us as we begin the process of writing comments, etc.  

    Please let me know if this ever becomes a possibility.  I am sure that many teachers feel this way, they just don't have time to write you a note.

    Thank you,

    Lee Gluck

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  • Yes I agree.  Having all reports on one page and customized to weekly, daily, or monthly would help teachers with report cards.

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  • I agree with everyone.  This LMS is so difficult when it comes to checking for growth ... how many assignments are being turned in for each student... I come from the secondary world so I am lost this year without a grade book.  We need a spreadsheet view that includes comments on assignments. 

    Also, how do we get the activity count to go back to 0 at the end of a trimester?.  I need to be able to report at least what % of assignments are turned in each term and if it doesn't go to 0 by archiving, I don't know what to do next trimester. I am a 6th grade teacher stuck in the elementary school at this time. 

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