Quiet Hours for Teachers

My name is Andrea Peralta. I teach kindergarten at Longridge Elementary in Rochester, NY 14616. Kindergarten through 2nd grade teachers are using Seesaw as our virtual teaching platform. We are grateful for Seesaw and its ability to capture what students know, help teachers to understand student thinking and progress, and to help families gain and insight into their child's learning.
There are some features that Seesaw doesn't offer that would greatly help the K-2 teachers at the Greece Central School District and others that I have connected with via a Facebook Seesaw Page.
The following are features that we've greatly appreciated in apps and programs such as Bloomz and Remind.
-The ability to for teachers to set 'Quiet Hours"
-The ability to schedule Family Announcement so that if a teacher is working late night and wants to send a message it can be scheduled to avoid disturbing parents late night or very early in the morning.
-The ability to review an activity and 'like' all submissions at once before approving them all.  Having to open and view each one to assign a 'like' is extremely time consuming.
-For teachers to have the ability to assign an activity but not approve it when complete as some activities such as read alouds don't need to be approved. The amount of lessons needing approval is overwhelming and even more so now with all of the school related changes due to COVID.
-To consider the option of adding 'Sign-Ups' in the forms of parent teacher conferences and office hours.  
-Allow families to receive notifications that activities are overdue.  Students get notified but notifying both would be very helpful.

These additional features will allow teachers to maximize their use of the Seesaw platform vs having to use additional apps.  This could greatly reduce some of the stress and pressure teachers are currently experiencing.

Thank you in advance for considering this suggestions.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.



  • agreed! Quiet hours, please.

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  • Brilliant.

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  • Please, please, please, in dire need of quiet hours.


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  • Teachers need the ability to set 'Quiet Hours'. This cannot be overstated! For my mental health, I need for my students to not be able to reach me 24/7. 

    Like many teachers, I have to WFH on a personal device. Getting notifications 24/7 is not good for anyone's mental health.

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  • Yes! Office hours/Quiet hours please!!!!! This is the number one request I'm being asked about from my staff. 

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  • YES! This is one of the few features I miss with ClassDojo!

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  • Please can we have a feature that allows us as school staff to set Quiet Times aka Out Of Hours/Office hours to create clear boundaries for families.  This is a much needed feature which is available on Class Dojo.

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