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Recurring Activities



  • Carrie Sheppard

    Yes, please or at least allow for posting of activities for multiple dates.

  • Nikki Groves

    I would love the ability to quickly assign the same activity over multiple dates.

  • Emmalee Pearce-Olgin

    This would be so helpful for repeating weekly assignments- such the activities to upload their spelling test (virtual learning).

  • Rpostyn

    I assign weekly assignments that repeat as well as post zoom links for speech sessions that occur weekly. It would be so helpful to be able to have the same link appear in the students feed each week without having to repeatedly assign it!

  • Elaine East

    Yes!  Please add the ability to schedule recurring activities.

  • Grace Chiarella

    Definitely agree! On the scheduling page, it would be great to be able to select multiple dates and/or days of the week. 

  • Alma Mendoza

    Please add this feature asap. I have many recurring activities.

  • Mrs. Dysinger (ELD Teacher)

    Please add this feature! It would be so helpful.

    I am a support teacher who works with young elementary students from multiple classrooms in small groups. I post the same daily activity four days a week to remind students of their small group times and to attach their Zoom link.

    The current process to post all of the schedules individually takes too much of my valuable prep time. This is my current process to post one days worth of activities 

    1) Click Assign on the activity

    2) Click edit students next to one class to find the 2-3 students who need the activity

    3) Repeat step 2 for 3-4 more classes

    5) Select ONE day and ONE time

    6)Click schedule 

    7) repeat steps 1-6 for 5-8 more groups

    And that's just one day. In reality I also have the following steps:

    8) Repeat steps 1-7 for 3 more days of the week

    9) Repeat steps 1-8 each week

    Putting an option in the Assign Activity and Schedule Activity box where I can select multiple dates (either selecting multiple dates on the currently provided calendar, having check boxes next to day names, or having an option to select "post every Monday" etc.) would allow me to reduce that process down to steps 1-6 that I could do ONCE saving so much time. 

    Thank you for considering this request!


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