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It would be incredibly helpful if teachers had the ability to see, and save/print, a class list of students' completed work, drafts, and activities not started yet; something in the vein of a spreadsheet. I am using Seesaw for full-time distance learning and it is a huge time-waster to have to scroll through all the activities and make my own spreadsheet to track which students have completed assignments, etc. Please, please, please make this happen! My family misses me and wants me to be able to spend some time with them again before Winter Break.😩 Thank you!



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    Thank you so much for this great feedback! Our team has just launched the Progress Dashboard, which allows teachers to view at-a-glance all the activities within their class, and which students have completed, started a draft, or not submitted work for each activity. This update is available online and for Seesaw for Schools and Plus users!

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  • I agree. My district is using Seesaw as our platform for distance learning for K-3. I have parents who want to know what their child hasn't completed yet. I hate going through each individual activity. This would be really helpful. In the meantime, while this doesn't solve the problem, it is a start at saving a tiny amount of time:

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  • Mrs. Schultz, Thanks so much for sharing that video! I will try that out and see if it will help. And hopefully Seesaw will come up with something even better for tracking our students' work soon. 

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  • My pleasure. I agree that Seesaw needs to come up with something, but it is a workaround until they do! 

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