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Lock & Move Feature




  • Official comment
    Audra Asadurian

    Locking an object has now been added as part of our 7.6 update

  • Deborah Kruk

    Agreed! This is much needed!

  • Karen Stragey

    Yes- This is the most frustrating part for the students.  If there was a way to lock the text box in place so that students can't resize it, but still allow students to be able to add text to it.  AND, if there was a way to lock all of the text boxes on the page with one click, rather than to have to click each box individually.

  • Scott Beatty

    I see, you want them to be able to move it but NOT to resize it!  Great idea.

  • Jessica Marx

    Yes.  I agree.  We need this feature!

  • Mrs. Rose

    Students need to be able to move objects around without having to worry about enlarging them or making them smaller.  I work with Pre-k students and they are always trying to move objects, but then end up making them distorted or enlarged.  This feature is an option on Smartboard technology, and I would really appreciate the option to have it here, too.

  • Christina Winter

    Thank you for making the moveable pieces lock but we would still LOVE if they could rotate!! (Think puzzles) Thanks for considering! 

  • Karen Stragey

    Also, students need to be able to still type in an answer after the size is locked.  Text boxes need to be able to have text put into them.  :P



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