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I would like to have the ability to write or type on a student's submitted activity (in the review page) without having to go in and edit their item. It is a lot more time consuming to do so, not to mention it kicks you back to the journal after you save it. This is especially time consuming when I am behind on grading and have to dig through a lot of assignments. Time is already limited and things are already difficult for teachers with everything going on in the world. This feature would make a huge difference in the efficiency of grading assignments. 

Thank you! 



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    Thank you all for this great feedback! Our team has just launched an update that allows a better workflow for teachers when editing posts or activity responses. Now when you edit a post or activity response from the web from the […] > Edit Post, we will open the creative tools in a new tab, then close that new tab when you click the green check to save your edits. We’ll also refresh the image to show your changes. Your place will not be lost! All you need to do to see this update is refresh your page!

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  • There does need to be the "quick grading" option. I'd like a place to put the score, such as 8/10 or whatever.

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  • I love this idea!  Please also add a gradebook feature that tracks student scores!

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  • Yes please!

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  • I was just about to submit the exact same thing Cwagner asked! 


    I love to edit and mark up each activity, especially if I want to send the item back to the child and have them fix it. However, it takes SO LONG to grade!!!! Once I edit, it kicks me to the child's individual journal so then I have to go back to the activities and find that child's activity and either approve it or send back before I can move on to a different child's activity (same activity). 


    Surely there's something that can be done already and I'm just doing this wrong?

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  • Also, please add a feature/option wherein students cannot edit the assignment once it has been graded. I have found that students can then edit their assignment again, after it's graded and delete my marks. 

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