There needs to be a complete system for grading that is seamless for the teacher.

Some suggestions to make Seesaw functional for grading:

  1. Give the teacher the ability to write/draw on a student's response to an activity without having to go in and edit the post. It should be so that the teacher can draw directly on it after clicking on it once.
  2. The way that Seesaw currently functions, after editing a post and writing their grade or marking their errors, it takes the teacher back to the main home page for the Seesaw class. There is no way to sugar coat how irritating and frustratingly tedious this makes grading assignments. I know the functionality exists to where after editing a post, it does not take you all the way back to the home page, because on the iPad it does not do this. This should be a simple fix.
  3. Give the teacher the ability to assign a grade to an assignment. It could be in the same area as the comment section.
  4. Provide the teacher with a spreadsheet or gradebook feature where we can see what grades we have assigned to each student for each activity.
  5. Give the teacher the ability to organize the gradebook for grading periods.

In the current iteration, Seesaw does not function effectively as a tool for graded assignments.



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    Thank you so much for this great feedback! Our team has just launched the Progress Dashboard, which allows teachers to view at-a-glance all the activities within their class, and which students have completed, started a draft, or not submitted work for each activity. This update is available online and for Seesaw for Schools and Plus users!

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  • Yes!  This is exactly the post I was looking for so I didn't have to post it myself!    It's so obvious I knew some clever person (like Alexander!) would mention it!   


    The edit / approve simplification for sure.

    I agree with the gradebook too!  (Great idea!) 

    Also, I'd like to see some "stamps".  (Good work!   Follow directions!   Nice job!   Sloppy.  Neat!   Etc.)     I can copy/paste in clip art and that works fine but it'd be nice to not have a second screen or tab open to copy it from and have it directly in SeeSaw.   

    SeeSaw is great for creating but, I agree, but a fairly poor app for correcting and since the entire idea is to do EVERYTHING online here, having an entire system for grading only makes sense. 


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  • Yes, it is very time-consuming. I would love to be able to respond to one page of a multipage activity without losing my place in the activity cue. I am hoping my district will find something that can meet my needs. If it is not Seesaw, I will start to train my students on Google Drive. This is crazy. 

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  • I agree with all of the above.  Without the features that the main comment states and a few of the added comments my colleagues and I are considering not using this program next year. :-(

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  • Yes, yes, yes! This is a huge necessity!

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  • Please consider updating Seesaw. These would be life changing.

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  • Yes!  I love all of the assignments for SeeSaw but I DETEST grading!  It is so frustrating that I need to go into edit each time I want to add a grade or digital sticker and then once I press the checkmark, I have to go back to approve.  

    I also think there should be a way to see assignments completed by each student individually to check for missing assignments, etc.  A gradebook other than the current "skills" would be SO MUCH BETTER. It is so tedious to look at each assignment to see which students have not completed the specific assignment.  

    Please fix it!  I beg you!


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  • The Progress tab is GREAT!  Ideally for me, it would help if there were a button to press during the approval process where teachers could post a grade and then see that on the progress tab or another tab.  However, I am happy to see the completion checkmark system.  Thank you!

    Now will there be a way for teachers to add comments, digital stickers directly on their work while students are waiting for approval?  This would be SO much easier rather than going into "edit" and writing/adding a sticker on their work and then saving and then clicking the "waiting for approval button again" and then pressing "approve". 

    Thank you for listening and trying to improve your product based on what teachers say they need. I'm so happy to have found SeeSaw this year!  


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