Deleting Pages in Student Activities

Can you please make it so that students cannot delete activity pages that have been assigned to them?



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    Hi friends, we've made an assortment of changes here. Please give them a try and let us know what you think. 

    Prevent Page Deletion by Students 

    • Before: Students can delete pages from activities templates. 
    • After: When responding to an activity, students cannot delete pages that are part of the activity template created by teachers. Students are still allowed to delete new pages they create.

    Reduce Accidental Page Reorder 

    • Before: For people on touch devices, scrolling in the Pages menu would accidentally reorder the pages.  
    • After: We’ve adjusted the sensitivity of the reorder action in Pages menu and disabled page reordering on drag gestures to prevent this issue. 

    Reduce Accidental Unlocking 

    • Before: When an object was locked and a student dragged their finger on the screen, we’d show an “Unlock to Move” message. 
    • After: Stop showing the “Unlock to Move” message when something is locked and students touch the screen. This message was prompting students to unlock, when typically teachers want to keep these objects locked. For example: locked background images. 

    We are considering exploring features for different pages types and other controls for teachers to tailor their students experience more when responding to activities. If you want to participate in those conversations, please sign up here: 

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  • Yes!!

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  • I have a student who is constantly doing this. He is not only deleting some of the slides but he also sometimes takes the time to scribble over an entire page! Can we PLEASE make it so that they can only ADD and nothing else? 

    This is aggravating.

    Seesaw is an amazing platform but there are so many rough spots that need to be ironed out!

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  • This is a huge flaw!!!!!!!!! Students should NOT be able to unlock something a teacher has locked into place. Students are deleting important information on purpose and on accident.

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  • I agree!


    Does Seesaw ever get back to these questions? I am following three topics, I think, and have not seen any responses.

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  • I agree!!!  I love Seesaw, but I have a few students that delete pages so they don't have to do the work and I end up re-assigning the same activity several times.  Super frustrating!

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  • Totally agree. This is a major oversight. I hope that it gets expedited on Seesaw's development timeline/roadmap for new features. A "fixed" or "teacher only unlock" feature would be clutch for teachers.

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  • Yes! Students should not be able to do any of the following:

    • delete pages
    • unlock locked items
    • shift page order
    • erase something the teacher has drawn

    I teach elementary art, and some kids alter my examples, delete important pages, move pages/items around, etc. It's very frustrating.

    I don't mind if students retain the ability to add pages, but it should be a teacher option whether they are allowed to do that or not with each lesson. It's no fun clicking through a bunch of blank added pages to see if there is any work on them.

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  • Yes, please add this feature! Some students accidentally delete pages, others on purpose. If we can lock objects on an individual screen, we should be able to lock entire pages within an activity.

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  • Okay, so... latest update and I WANT my older kids to be able to delete specific pages. Is there a way to turn this feature on and off?

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