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Copy whole teacher template to student example



  • Lia Gyore

    This would help us make demo videos right in Seesaw.

  • Russell Phillips

    Yes! This is also helpful for when I accidentally create a student template in the teacher template section and then realize I've just done all that work for naught.

  • Abbie Bowen

    Yes! I want this too! Thank you!

  • Mr. B.

    Please add an easy button to copy the teacher example to the student template.  I'm getting better at snip & sketch to cut down my creative time, but still need moveable parts.

  • Rebecca Miller

    Yes! This - I've been in a rush creating awesome assignments only to realize I put it in the example! ARG - would love a button to just "copy" and put the pages in the template instead of having to cut/paste everything.

  • Mrs Gorry

    I have spoken to a number of people in school who would like to be able to duplicate slides and templated to cut workload as currently they end up making the same slide several times in different activities or they put the template in examples by mistake. 

  • Gillian

    This is exactly what we need when we create a new assignment.  That can save a lot of time to redo or copy the details.


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