Need for .GIF file uploads- Physical Education

If video on loops (GIF's) could be locked into the SeeSaw templates it could be very useful. I teach Kindergarten so I would like the templates to be interactive yet very simple. I could record a video but this creates extra steps for the students. Example: Have a page where there is a GIF of a leap and a jump and have students use the pen to circle which GIF is of a jump. There are a million different ways to use them but as it stands .GIF files are not compatible with file uploads. 



  • I would love to be able to add GIFs to SeeSaw slides!

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  • +1 Even better if it pauses on a click, would make dice/choosers/etc. super easy to create and utilize!

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  • YES!  I am fighting with Seesaw to get a Decembers calendar activity up.  I don't want it as a movie, I need the little pictures to move right there on the screen.  

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  • yes, please allow GIFs.  Help a teacher out:). 

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