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Creating a recurring assignment



  • Ms Patel

    This would be great. I've been recording chapters of a shared story and upload a new chapter each day. I've  now created a table template where I just add new chapters each day, keeping links to the previous ones, but I still have to reset the task each day so the kids can access the new chapter. 

    Recurring tasks would be great.

  • Maria Peterson

    This would be great for my at-home learners as well as my in-class kiddos! 

  • Christine Duncker

    We need this so bad. We have to schedule reoccurring Zoom meetings as activities and other small group lessons every day- we need a way to select multiple dates and a repeat for every Mon-Fri feature each week.

  • Steven Albrecht

    While we are in a hybrid model and have students learning from home, teachers in my district would like to post a link to a Google Meet in their Seesaw banner instead of having to create a new announcement every day.  


    This is a huge need.  I have a weekly recurring 1:1 Google Meet with each of my 37 English learners. For example, I meet with Jose EVERY week on Monday at 9:00 AM.    I need to schedule these recurring assignments every time I meet with a student.  I am having to manually go in every week and re-assign all 37 appointments-it's taking me at least 30  minutes every week just to reassign these. It would save so much time if I could just click a button that says "assignment recurs weekly" or " assignment recurs daily."  

    Every teacher I have talked to has had this need. We all have assignments that recur regularly.  A daily journal entry or a weekly reading log for example.  Seesaw, please make this recurring feature a priority.

  • Carlye Proescholdt

    This is very, very much needed for those of us using Seesaw to teach online. Please make a recurring feature a very high priority! Since we can schedule the activities, it would make our teaching much more efficient if we could schedule a recurring activity much like we schedule a recurring calendar event or recurring payment. Please, please make this happen, Seesaw!!

  • Candy Brugger

     I couldn't agree more. I would love to see this added. And soon!

  • Margaret Smith

    This would be such a useful feature during remote teaching!  Please add!

  • Ramona Doberstein

    Please add stat! It's tiresome to assign my zoom link every day to multiple groups. 

  • Jennifer Gordon

    Please add this feature!!!!

  • Heidi Green

    Please add! Thank you.

    Desperate kinder teacher in need of assigning letter sounds and sight words weekly or daily :)

  • Mr. Rivera

    Does somebody from seesaw really read these questions?

    Is there any answer regarding how to set up recurring assignments?


  • Mrs. Sterner

    Yes, please! The pinned assignment is great but it doesn't meet the same need. We also need to be able to set assignments to automatically archive at the due date/ time.

  • Lindsey King

    This would be great! It takes forever to assign the same activity on multiple days.

  • Jill Stromseth

    Desperate first-grade teacher begs the Wizard of Seesaw to make it possible to schedule recurring assignments. Do you understand how many times a 6-year-old needs to read a sight word before truly learning it? Help us help the children!

  • Tiffany Brown

    I am glad this conversation is started! There are many tasks that are done daily, or weekly. Having the ability to assign recurring activities it will save many hours of planning and prep for our users! It would add great value to Seesaw.


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