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No way to make groups?



  • Official comment
    Emily Voigtlander

    Thank you all for sharing this feedback. We are currently working on a beta of Student Groups and would love your feedback. If you want to get early access and provide feedback, please sign up here: I'll be in touch in the next one-two weeks and enable a beta for your account. Thank you! 


    Please add this feature! Teachers in hybrid teaching schedules need an easy way to assign different assignments easily to different cohorts of students. The ability to group students would make this possible! 

  • Tammy McCroskey

    Yes! It is frustrating to have to unselect the whole class and then enter each name of students in a group. I often make errors, and student don't have their assignment. Please do this a.s.a.p. to make my life easier!

  • Peter Braden

    I added a . (period) to my Cohort A kids and left Cohort B as is. To do this, I'm changing the display name (ex Joe becomes .Joe as a Cohort A kid) This way, when I see the alphabetized list my A group is at the top because of the . (period). It will work this way for kids while at school too, their cohort will be grouped accordingly. 

    If there are other workarounds I would love to hear them.

  • Mrs. Phillips

    Yes, adding a period helps some, but it is still not efficient to have to select students one at a time.  Then have to repeat for each assignment.  I used to enjoy Seesaw, but is definitely is lacking some basic functionality for teachers.  I hope that improvements are made for all users so that my district and students can continue to use this platform.

  • Sandra Cardella

    When will the lack of ability to create groups of students be solved?

  • Christine Duncker

    Yes we have guided math and reading groups that we have to search thru all the names each day and send out every day. This would be great

  • Sandra Inglis

    This would be a great time saver!

  • Kellen Duncan

    We have combination classes and would like students to all be in the glass but then be able to group them by their grade level within the one class so that we can differentiate. PLEASE make this an option ASAP. We need it! Thank you! 

  • Jennifer Crain

    YES! Even in a "normal" year I differentiate a ton.

  • Samantha's Family Member

    I too am hoping that creating groups with in our class will soon be an option! It would be a huge time saver and much easier to keep track of students and their progress. I'm shocked this is not yet a feature. Please make this a priority! 

  • Elsa Hernandez

    I agree with my colleagues. Being able to from groups of students to assign different assignments and differentiate will be extremely helpful and time saving. 

  • Miss Karen

    Definitely support this. It's bad enough that I have to schedule all my activities twice (East Day) and (West Day), and I find myself double checking my students lists all the time. Groups would make this much easier.

  • Mrs. Adams

    This would be a great addition!! Currently, we have 4 sets of kids and we constantly have to select and unselect students.  This is extremely time consuming and difficult.  Groups would be so much easier and efficient! 

  • Mrs. Schultz

    I have a combo class and need to send out announcements and activities to just my 1st-graders or just my 2nd-graders and their families. Please work on this! 

  • Crowell, Margaret

    Yes! Please! I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to assign work to two different groups of students!

  • Melyssa Enriquez

    Still waiting on this feature! So annoying! 

  • Mrs. Hammond

    I can't believe SeeSaw STILL has not even addressed this issue.  At least tell us WHY you aren't doing this.  I cannot go through the assignment list click by click for every activity, every day.  SeeSaw is giving me carpal tunnel (making the green checkmark activate with the return key would also be a blessing to the wrist tendons) . We will not recommend that our district purchase again next year, as the most basic of features are not present.

  • Jen Johnson

    We have in-person classes and distance only classes.  When sending school wide announcements that are specific to one of these groups, it would be so nice to have a distribution list for each and not have to hand select classes each time.  Please make this feature a priority.


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