Allowing students to move an object, but not edit it.

I really need to be able to make activities where the shapes are moveable, but locked in every other way.  As it is right now, when the kids try to move an object, they might inadvertently change the size of the shape or rotate it.  Please make a way to lock the shape, but make it moveable.



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    Locking an object has now been added as part of our 7.6 update

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  • Yes please!  As this software platform is geared toward Prek-4 students our youngest students really struggle with this, everytime they are asked in an activity to move objects they objects are rotating and resizing, I've heard from scads of parents that are frustrated working with their students at home. 

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  • Yes!!! My students are so frustrated because they do not always have the fine motor skills to fix the shape. (Especially students'who have fine motor delays.) Please fix.

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  • I agree!!!! It is a nightmare for the littles, particularly when they start reversing d's and b's or resize them and can't fix it. It causes a LOT of frustration!

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  • natasha    Faddlro


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  • I work with student with severe special needs and limited or clunky fine motor skills. They get very frustrated when the item resizes to nothing when they are trying to move it. Please allow lock of size but allow it to be moved

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