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Schedule Announcements, Reuse Posts, Student View



  • Jessica Presnak

    Yes! I just contacted Seesaw about this. I am an art teacher and I just had to go into 12 different classrooms and copy and paste the same announcement over and over along with a link. It ended up taking quite a bit of time. I hope this changes in the very near future. I know you can assign the same activity to multiple classes which is great, but I hope they make the change to be able to do the same with announcements very soon. :-) 

  • Mrs. Trader

    A big yes to student view. It would be so helpful when making instructional videos for kiddos to see exactly where to click and how to navigate. 

  • Jamie Jensen

    Yes!!!!!  That #2 item has been my 3-5 and specials teachers' biggest complaint because they have multiple sections!  It's also mine, because I have multiple sections, LOL.  I just wrote a post on that!!!  Scheduling and copying announcements and being able to model student view with the sample student are both features I would use regularly as well.

  • Claudia Apiquian

    Hi! I think I found a way to do this.  I was able to reuse a journal entry for multiple classes. 

    Once you post your journal entry to one class, you click on the three little dots at the bottom, then click "share post". You will copy the top link and then go into your class(es) and then click "add", click "post student work", click "link" and paste the link you copied in there, then click "done"

    I had a coworker test this out and it worked! Good luck. 

  • Amy Chamberlain

    Love the new SeeSaw School Announcement feature but it would be great if these could be scheduled in advance as activities.  This would be a game changer on many levels. Please consider adding this feature. Thanks!

  • Mrs. Gasiorowski

    Scheduling announcements or messages for families and students would be a big plus.

    Please consider adding this feature!!

  • Geneviève Blais-Gobeil

    Ce serait vraiment facilitant pour réutiliser nos publications les années suivantes!

  • Rebecca Heredia

    Please allow us the ability to schedule announcements.



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