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When creating an activity: Copy content between the Student Template and the Multimedia Example



  • Tanya Reynolds



    I worked so hard creating choice boards with links and I did them in "example" instead of "student templates" and now I have to start from scratch because I can't copy and paste them.  

  • Courtney Grimstad

    I agree! This feature would be so helpful! 

  • Arryn Small

    I agree! I am trying to support my teachers (I'm an assistant principal) and there have been many times that a teacher created an activity in the example section rather than the template section. Please add!


    Seems like a rather silly oversight that you can't just use the student template to create an example.  Nine times out of ten, the multi-media example is me modeling the activity, so I kinda need the template.  Up to now I haven't made use of drag and drop labels in my templates.  However now that I have, I have to reproduce the work in the example that I just did to make the student template. That really limits either the interactivity of the template or the ability to create a an example.

  • Mary Grist

    Please add the capability to copy slides from both the student slides and the example slides. We spend a significant amount of time making lessons and when we make this mistake, it adds a lot of stress. Please?

  • Vesta Namiranian

    100% agree. Just came across this same issue and was surprised there wasn't a solution already!

  • Kim Schiefelbein

    PLEASE!  This would be incredibly helpful!

  • Grace Ermter

    This would be a HUGE benefit....I can't understate this!  I have come across many comments and suggestions from teachers on-the-ground in these "feature request" and I wonder how often they get looked at. It doesn't seem like a big ask, but it would be incredibly helpful!  PLEASE!

  • Mrs Nish

    I think we have all got excited about what we are creating and done this at some point.....

  • Melissa Holcomb

    I agree! I would love to have this feature as well! I also want to know if another teacher makes a template for a student I cannot then change it to multimedia. 

  • Vesta Namiranian

    Tanya, totally feeling your pain!! I wonder how we can bring more attention to this quicker...I'm sure the computer scientists/engineers behind Seesaw could do something to fix this!

    My school uses Macbook and there is an app you can download to your Mac called "Snip" ...I'm sure Microsoft/PC has a version of this...What I did was snip & save pictures of each of my student template slides, then uploaded them above to the example part & completed them as an example. You could probably do the same thing vice versa, if your issue is wanting to use your student template to make your own example.

    Not sure if that makes sense? It's a temporary solution that worked for me last night!

  • Erin Radway

    I am having this same problem.  A solution would be helpful.



  • Jean Martin

    I also have just done this very thing! I am gathering from this thread that there is not a way I can copy and paste my example into the student template. Please fix this asap! Thank you!

  • Zerrin Oelze

    Just did the same! Please create a fix for this!!

  • Kendra Geary

    Please please PLEASE create a fix for this.  It is the worst when you have spent over an hour creating a template with video content, only to find that it was accidentally an example.  

  • Ms. Diener

    I use the example to teach my lesson so students have a reference back to what we learned. The student template is almost identical to my example when I teach this way. It takes double the time to create my activities and I am using the basically the same template. This would be so helpful and save me so much time. 

  • Leighann Rheeder

    Please, Seesaw! It would be SO HELPFUL!

  • Lisa Svatek

    Yes, please! It would really make our work much more efficient.

  • Mr. Cornfield

    ONE MILLION PERCENT THIS - please make this a feature! I get super frustrated when I mess up and start making my example in the wrong spot (or, more often, finding someone else's awesome activity but I want to tweak it just a bit, but can't because it's been made in the wrong section).

  • Jennifer Varney

    Yes please!! I just spent almost 30 min creating a template in the wrong place accidentally... if I could just copy it wouldn't feel like I wasted all my time! Please and thank you!

  • Kathleen Arends

    surely it's SIMPLE and obviously it's NEEDED

    --what are you waiting for?

  • Sra. DeJesus

    SEESAW, you have created an  AMAZING Platform. You know how hard we are working to ensure we are engaging our students. PLEASE HELP US MAKE GOOD USE OF OUR TIME !!! INSTEAD OF WASTING IT~!!!!! 

    SEESAW TECH SUPPORT!!! It seems this would be a matter of a few clicks on your side VS HOURS of lost productivity on hours!!! Please make this fix happen!!!

  • Ms. Moore

    :'( I just spent 40 minutes working on an assignment to realize I made it in the instructions and not the template. Please make this fix/update! 

  • Faith Montessori

    This is incredibly frustrating. I just sent an activity out to all of my classes not realizing the activity I copied and edited had originally made this mistake. Why is there not a simple copy and paste!?

  • Buffy Meiser

    Please fix this, ASAP. How is this still an issue? I get that it's my mistake, I made it, but I feel like I'm being punished for it! LOL!

  • Violeta Estrada

    SeeSaw Tech Help please HELP! I was loving SeeSaw until I found out that there is no option enabled to fix this.  This is still an issue over the past 6 months? Hmmm?  well, seems I may not get the help I was looking for. I guess another 2 hours on SeeSaw to recreate what I made in Example to Student Template. 

  • Mrs Gardner

    Yes please! I just scrolled to the bottom of this thread desperately hoping it had been resolved 

  • Ally Audas

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!  I get this request from my teachers all the time.  I keep telling them that I'm sure Seesaw is working on this.  

  • Miss Karen

    Please tell us when something is going to be done about this problem. In these days of virtual teaching and learning, which many of us are still going through, the last thing we need is to have to create an activity twice because we put it in the example instead of in the student template. A sign of a tired teacher at the end of a long week that we make these mistakes but I shouldn't have to spend another hour recreating it! 


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