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When creating an activity: Copy content between the Student Template and the Multimedia Example




    YES PLEASE!  Please find a way for us to copy and paste into the student template!

  • Taylore Rimling

    Yes please help us with this feature.  I do this at least once a's so frustrating when you spend hours making an activity and then make a mistake.  Then you have to recreate the whole activity because you've put it in the multimedia area rather than student response. 

  • Praneeti Cyril

    I'm on the same lame boat!

    Made this interactive work in the Instructions' template accidentally, with each label having a "voice over" so that my special needs students can work and still be independent learners. Now, I've to go back to Student template and put in those many hours again!!! 

    Incredible Seesaw, this feature should've been fixed by now.

    Snip tool just brings the images over not the recordings. Access snipping on Windows platform by pressing Ctrl + Win logo + S.

  • Karen Sheppard

    Has this been fixed yet.... I need help now with this..... created over 10 activities by accident in student instructions.... but needed them in the student template.... Has anyone worked out a fix for this... HELP

  • Liesl Brockmann

    This is such a huge oversight! How have you not addressed this massive problem yet?

  • Ms. Hannah

    This would be the most important feature update to help allow all teachers, even those who are new to using Seesaw, to have a way to create quality content without frustration. For new teachers this is the biggest problem my school community has encountered, they have created something in one area and were not able to move it to the other area. 

    Many teachers spend a lot of time using the Seesaw tools to create the activity pages for the class and that is hours of work that can be saved if the template and examples have the ability to be copied. 

  • Tracey Weight

    Oh me too!  I made the same mistake (created a template in the example section) and now there is no way to copy it across to student template.  This is clearly an issue for many people and would be a wonderful addition to Seesaw.

  • Amelia RAMBALDI

    1000% agree.  I just wasted so much time now I have to go back and create it again.

  • Irene van Dijk

    Yes please! I spend so much time making a template, only to then have to screenshot the whole template to make my example. 

  • Miss Karen

    Please tell us when something is going to be done about this problem. In these days of virtual teaching and learning, which many of us are still going through, the last thing we need is to have to create an activity twice because we put it in the example instead of in the student template. A sign of a tired teacher at the end of a long week that we make these mistakes but I shouldn't have to spend another hour recreating it! 

  • Jessica Juday

    It's been over a year and this is still not a feature... :( :( ;(

  • Kalie Michel

    Please! This would save me so much time!

  • Kristin Lizotte



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