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Co-Teachers and Managing Notifications



  • Bphipps

    I agree ! As the EL teacher, I am getting notifications from 12 classes for 60 students. This is too much and not necessary

  • Elizabeth Maus

    Yes, I'm receiving probably close to 100 notifications a day as a Specialist between Google Classroom (which is next on my list) and Seesaw!

    Please, any help in disabling the notifications would be amazing!!

  • Pamela Loving

    Yes, my co-teachers are swamped with notifications from all their classes!  


    Disabling for them would be a wonderful addition.

  • Jill Cohen

    I can add to this.  It isn't only email notifications, which can be disabled.  My teams want to know if it is possible to direct a notification to a specific teacher who is a co-teacher in a given class.

  • Melissa Rosen

    Also is the a way to get a notification for the parent messages and not the activities? Because there are so many messages, I tend to miss out on the parent message..

  • Meghan Nauss

    Unfortunately right now, this is not a feature that Seesaw offers.

  • Tomanovichl

    I'm getting notifications that I have to approve all the posts in the classes i'm a co-teacher in. I'm an ENL teacher and only have one student in that class. I don't want to hold up the teacher or the posts if they approve them. Do we both have to approve all the posts in the class? that's not going to be doable. i'm a co-teacher in 5 different rooms because that's the option my district wants us to use. there's got to be a better way of sharing students in SeeSaw.

  • Ms Carroll

    I only want notifications for specific pupils in the classes where I am a co-teacher


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