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Printing all submissions in an activity



  • Jennifer Stiegeler

    You can put the assignment in a folder when you create it and then all of them will go into that folder and then print the whole folder of submissions at once, by clicking on the folder you want in the top right, and then click the print PDF button. 

  • Ms Jobe-Parker🍀

    I have a teacher who is only able to print the first page of a student submission. She cannot print multiple pages. Any suggestions?


  • Mrs. Cole

    I would like to print a folder AND all the completed activities for students.  Any ideas how to do this?

  • Mrs. Scafide

    The feature to print/download a PDF of a folder is gone. How can you print all of the responses to an activity?

  • Mrs. Kowalski

    wondering the same thing! Please share if you find out how.

  • Christa Peppers

    I can only print the first page of an activity as well.


    If you SAVE the activity you can print multiple pages. But that is an extra step to save it and then find it to print it. It also does not print with the name on it. I wish they would fix this printing issue.

  • Kirsten Ries

    I recently found out you can tag an activity as a Folder, or make a temporary Folder to use for printing. 

    Then go to Journal > Click Print PDF

    That should print all the QR codes and responses from students into a multi-page PDF.


    It would be great if Seesaw could make this more streamlined though. Keep upvoting everyone! :)

  • Rene MacQuillin

    Would be great to print the multiple pages in pdf and not just 1st page.


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