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Lock All and Unlock All



  • Diana Engels

    I agree! Being able to lock/unlock everything in a slide/template would be such a time saver. Also, I would love to be able to select multiple items at a time to either lock, duplicate, move, etc. 

  • Missy Krouth

    Yes!  Please!!  Add a lock and unlock all!!

  • Ms. Meuleners

    Yes, please! For teachers only though. If I lock all, I wouldn't want my students to be able to unlock all and move everything I locked for a reason.

  • Nina Pickett

    Yes! This would be a dream!

  • Dealva Matar

    YES! A huge time saver.

  • Chance-Mychal Vargas


  • Ms. Chadwick

    I agree with Mackenzie! I make a schedule in Seesaw for my students each day and I have a tech-curious little who loves to move things around, make them bigger/smaller, change the colors, and so on. Unfortunately, in his curious, he will sometimes lose activity or live lesson links by making them too small to find or accidentally placing them behind something else. It makes it really challenge for him and his caretakers to follow along with his learning for the day. 
    A lock all would mean that all the items are held firmly in place at the end of creation. 

  • Susan Millard

    Perhaps different idea to this would be to add the ability to simply drag a box around all the things you would like to lock and then lock what is in the box. I have had this feature in other programs and it allows you to lock all easily
    (You just drag a box over the whole item). Add to this an option to drag over and move groups of items would be great too.

  • Dee Martellucci

    I agree! Drag a box to group objects...AND drag a box to lock those particular items would save so much time! 


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