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Schedule Announcements - Please add feature!



  • Cynthia Calaluca

    Yes, please!  I have asked for this before.  It would also be very helpful for weekly reminders and things that we think of late at night or early in the morning.

  • Bethany Hoffman

    This would be an amazingly helpful update and is much needed!  We are using the announcements feature as a way to do our morning meeting/agenda with our students, but to be able to schedule in advance would allow us to get it ready to go before the morning we want to send it out.

  • Piercea1

    Yes please!!

  • Amy Reeves

    I am new to Seesaw from another platform, and scheduling announcements was a vital feature of the other program. I could set them up days or weeks in advance to remind families to join our live meetings. It would be a wonderful improvement to Seesaw, which is already pretty wonderful! This is the first drawback I have found since switching. 

    Also, is there such a thing as reminders? I will need to remind students daily to rejoin the class since I am teaching virtually, and we will have breaks during the day. I would like to be able to send out recurring reminder notifications so they won't miss parts of the day.

  • Annmarie Kearney

    I am the Tech Integrationist at our school and all the teachers are asking about a way to schedule announcements.  This is so vital, especially with Distance Learning.

  • Erin Koenig

    We are hoping to post link to daily Google Meets in the announcements.  It would be helpful to be able to schedule them in advance.  Thank you!

  • Mrs. Coplin

    Yes please! Thank you so much!

  • Emily Tessar

    I am adding myself to say that this would be so helpful!  We are doing a lot of google meets and love the idea of the reminder to join that comes with a scheduled activity.  It would really help if this was recurring!  Right now we have to do the same task so many times to implement this.


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