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  • Mrs Pudney

    Great suggestion - I could have written this post myself!  I agree with everything that Stefani has said above.  In addition to all the above, please can we have an autosave/draft feature on messages to parents and on student announcements too, please, as I have lost quite a few of these and it is so frustrating to have to start from scratch!

    Thanks very much!


    or at least a message when you try and get out of the activity that remind you to check the green circle to save.

  • Jennifer Carella

    I agree for the autosave.  Especially as Seesaw is a platform that is designed and marketed for younger students, an autosave feature is needed, or a way when working on a multi slide activity to save after each slide without getting logged out of the assignment.  

  • Scott-Florez, Missy

    To echo Jennifer's point that younger children are using it, it can be devastating to lose work that has been a challenge and time consuming because of getting logged out or having a computer die. It would make the students feel more encouraged not to have their work disappear due to other 'bad luck' situations.

  • Mr Adam - Year 6 Class Teacher

    Agree completely. Students and teachers would greatly benefit from this feature. Would save a lot of time (and tears). 

  • Josh Schneider

    Upvoting this request. Not sure why it's not among the top-20 listed elsewhere in this forum. Contrary to what I've seen posted elsewhere, I think it would be dead-simple to implement. As a parent, and echoing what others are saying here, not having this feature is causing younger kids a lot of distress.

  • Mary Heppner

    Agreed-all of the above!!!

  • Teacher Kheyla


  • Rachael Usher

    Another vote for autosave - for students and teachers, please.  I was almost done on a most complicated activity myself.. pages of multimedia examples.. my internet dropped out for a second, the page refreshed and it's all gone!  😭 I'll have at least 30min ahead of me now rebuilding the activity. 



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