Sharing Collections with School and District

I would like to be able to share a whole collection with my school and district if we are collaborating on a Unit.  It makes it very hard when I have to share each activity individually when I created or uploaded multiple activities that our team will be using.  



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    See comment in, we are looking for some examples of how you would ideally want to organize activities in the School & District Library. :) 

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  • This would be a great feature in libraries to search by collection once it is shared!

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  • Our campus is running into the same issue.  We have units for our curriculum that we created as teams and we have to share each activity instead of the whole unit that we created as a Collection.  So, it would be helpful to have the ability to create collections or even transfer collections over to district and school library.  Thank you for taking these suggestions into consideration!

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  • I would like the ability to share a whole collection as well. There were some staffing changes at my school after the year had already started. I have a new grade level partner. I'd like to share all my Seesaw activities with her, but it will take forever if I have to do it one by one!

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  • For example, I would like to share multiple phonics activities that all relate to a certain topic (CVC)

    I would also like to share certain books for students to read from a decodable text collection  

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