missing assignments

I would love to see a way to track all the missing assignments for an individual student.



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    Thank you so much for this great feedback! Our team has just launched the Progress Dashboard, which allows teachers to view at-a-glance all the activities within their class, and which students have completed, started a draft, or not submitted work for each activity. This update is available online and for Seesaw for Schools and Plus users!

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  • I agree!  I can't see what's missing without looking at each individual activity and keep a separate log.  I'm assigning 10 items a day and it's way too much to scroll through.  Why isn't there a report I can run?  

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    I agree! I'm trying to keep track of missing assignments and with the amount being posted it's almost impossible.


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  • I would love to be able to view a student journal and see right there which assignments were missing!  PLEASE add this feature!

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  • Yes this is a basic function that should be made available to all teachers using Seesaw.  I hope this improvement is made soon :)

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  • The ability to see which assignments the students have not completed would be very helpful during distance learning as parents would like to know what still needs to be done and with 6-8 assignments per day it is hard for me to scroll through and then click on everything to keep updating parents.

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  • I agree!  This would make it much easier to keep tabs on our virtual only students!

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  • I agree!  I am an EL teacher and need to check-in with many students.  Right now I don't know what assignments were given and if completed.  In Schoology, there is a link (Grades), that students, parents, other teachers can click on and see all assisgnments for each class.  I can also go into Schoology, search for any student and see their account through the students eyes.  

    I would like a feature like this on Seesaw.  Right now, it is not user friendly for other teachers to check in on students.

    Cecilia Kessler

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  • It would be wonderful to see which assignments students are missing in one place without having to go to each individual assignment. It would also be great if parents could see this. Right now, I have to login as the student in order to view missing work (unless of course I'd like to click on every single activity I've ever posted and see if they've done it). Either way it is time consuming and not ideal. I'd love to be able to see which students are missing what. Hope to see this soon.


    Lacey Young

    2nd Grade Teacher (fully remote)

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  • The reporting period is almost closing and I need to report who has many missing assignments in SeeSaw. Is this feature still not available?

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