Using SeeSaw in Canvas platform

My district will be using the Canvas Learning Management system this year for digital learning. I LOVE Seesaw and was wondering if anyone has figured out how to integrate Seesaw into Canvas? It would be great if the students did not have to log in every time. 



  • Following. 

    If Seesaw could provide an embed code that linked students directly to an activity I could paste it directly into my Canvas course page. 

    Currently embed codes are only provided to share content from teacher to teacher. 

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  • Thank you for your feedback.  I am going to move this thread to the "feature request" portion of this page so that our engineers can take a look.

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  • I would love this same answer, but for Google Classroom.

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  • Yes. I agree it is more important now than ever to streamline links and embed activities into our Google Classroom platforms or Canvas.  Both my husband and I work in districts that use these two programs as a hub.  Currently, this is a deal breaker for our districts and they are considering eliminating any program as an allowable outside resource if the activities do not have direct links or the ability to be embedded, including Seesaw.  Please come up with a solution...and fast. I don't want to give up Seesaw.

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  • I totally agree.  We need to figure out a way to have Seesaw and Canvas talk to each other or we will not be allowed to use Seesaw.  It is so essential for our littles.  Please come up with a solution fast before many districts are not allowed to use Seesaw.  Thanks so much!


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