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Skill mastery reports for parents/students



  • Mr. Q.

    I'm looking for the same features as Natalie.

    I'm also trying to organize skills so that teachers are not burdened by seeing skills applicable to other grades.

    I would love to see the skills  feature be given some greater attention by your development team. 



  • Dawn Eijtjes

    I am also looking for these features.

    I would like to see the Skills sorted by Essentials/Reported Standards. I would also like parents and students to be able to see their achievement on each skill when they complete an activity.



  • Julie Gladden

    I am also looking for these features!

    It would be beneficial for both parents and students to see their progress on each assignment, rather than waiting until conferences to share this information.  Of course, if I see a student is really struggling, I am going to reach out to that parent before conferences.  However, if a child can't see what they scored, then they won't know what they need to work on.  It is extremely time-consuming to try and comment on each individual assignment.  This feature would help to make communication more efficient on a regular basis.  Is there any chance SeeSaw can add this feature ASAP?


  • Carolyn Leary Gallegos

    These features need to be added ASAP!  When SeeSaw advertised itself as a learning platform, it has highly limited schools' capacity to use it to provide progress reports to parents!  

  • Ivey Ivy

    I would like to use the skills feature for an easy report to parents. There is not a way currently to generate reports without using the templates. None of the templates provided apply to me nor do I want to create one. To be able to generate a pdf showing skills assessed and rating given for each student would be most helpful!

  • Sonia Milla

    I am also looking for the ability to print some sort of report based on skills for individual students. It would be most helpful! 

    I hope your development team will soon look into this. We are collecting the data already. it is just a matter of making it available in a different format.

    Thank you for considering it!


  • Charlotte Orsmond

    Having the ability to tag activities and posts with skills (with or without a star rating) is an essential tool for teachers as they record their data).  However this tool is not as effective as it could be.  It would be very, very helpful if teachers had the ability to turn a a feature that allowed parents to see Skills and Progress. 

    It would also be great if Seesaw would develop a way of sharing progress/skills data in a way that is family friendly and saves paper.  At present, parents do not see Skills or Progress, and the only export of data available is in a CSV format which is not family friendly at all (nor do I actually think it is teacher friendly).

  • Áine Connaughton

    We are looking to use seesaw as our official reporting in out school in New Zealand. If the parent were able to see the skills then this would allow to use Seesaw as our sole reporting method and let us justify and continue paying for seesaw schools.

  • Maria Persson

    This is a very interesting feed and there is little comment from our brilliant Seesaw creators and advocates...July 2020 was the start of it! In New Zealand, and considering the global shift in the way we teach and learn now, this is a question that NEEDS IMMEDIATE addressing pretty please!

    Having a feature that allows our students to track their own progress is an essential skill in and of itself. They can connect their thinking, actions and reflect on what next learning steps might need to take place. IF the skills view were open for discussion with their Teacher, Family and students themselves - even Peers, this could be an addition to Seesaw that would place it beyond its current scope of use!  Rubrics for learning are powerful tools and Seesaw has this ability and simply having access to view might be a good start. Some good researched reading here about rubrics:

    I totally agree and support the use of Seesaw for teaching and learning because it not only has some robust deeper features (that Seesaw itself is not yet able to make more accessible to others in a more user friendly form - CSV files are not that useful) that assist us as educators to support student learning but it is a superb  'show and tell' tool as well. It needs to be more.

    It currently isn't even easy to take screen shots of what our students are achieving - maybe that might be another easy place to start? Have a create PDF function on skills view for individual students preferably.

    However, I believe in this tool because I have witnessed first hand how it has not only engaged my learners but provided a genuinely useful platform to shift the learning.  It continues to have huge potential to be a pivotal place for learning conversations with families and students.that can drive the learning farther and deeper - in my opinion.

    Please help us SEESAW!


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