organizing activities within collections

I would love for a way to alphabetize the activities within the collection folders. I have them listed by activity number within a collection folder, but they are not in numeric or alphabetical order. 



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    Thank you for your feedback Diane.  I've moved your post to Feedback and Feature Requests so that the engineering team will be able to see it.


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  • Thank you. I have the same request.

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  • Yes please! With lots of activities it gets difficult to find them quickly; I assign the same activities each year with little tweaks but seem to spend a lot of time just finding them as they are currently in creation order - even using Collections it takes me time to find the activities I want!

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  • I would like to know this answer also. It would be very helpful!

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  • I would love this as well. As I've gotten better at creating Seesaw activities that I can automate and kids can complete on their own each day, I find myself wanting them all in order in my collections. Then next year, I know exactly where to go to assign them to my new group of students. Maybe just a drop down menu with a few options for sorting? (Newest at top, oldest at top, A-Z ascending, A-Z descending, most popular). 

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