Ability to have a deadline for Activities

Similar to Google classroom, there is a date for students to turn in their assignments. If they don't, it will be great to have an option to let parents know. 




  • Deadline for activities! For example, if the teacher assigns an activity to be completed by Wednesday then it times out. The student cannot work on it after Wednesday. 


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  • How can a teacher assign deadlines?


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  • Yes! Having a due date on an assignment in Seesaw would be very helpful!

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  • And an option to automatically archive the activity after the deadline has passed would be great too.

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  • Here is how I imagine it in an ideal world:

    1. I set deadline when assigning work.  (Just like I can schedule when it releases or who it goes to.)

    2. Deadline is visible to students when they view the assignment.  Maybe under the title?

    3. I have the OPTION to do the following in my teacher settings:

    -Send parents a message if assignments are not completed by the deadline saying their child has late work.

    -Automatically archive the assignments.  I would actually like the functionally to select when they are archived after the deadline when assigning the work. 

    If you weren't sending parents a message, you'd probably want to archive it at the deadline.  BUT if you were sending a message, you probably would want to allow the parent some time to get the kid to finish it up before it was archived.  Personally, in remote learning, I'd give kids one week to do the assignment before the due date and then have it automatically archive one week after the parent is contacted, but I sometimes might want a short time period for tests.  Automatically archiving that was not customizable would be annoying.

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  • It will be really really usefull, mainly during home learning.When administering multiple classes, this function would make it easier for teachers to manage activities and make it easier for students to find their way around the deadlines. It would be make it much easier for managing and organization.

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