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student messaging through inbox



  • Hillary Beemer

    Yes! I ran into this several times during home learning.  To ensure safety, maybe have parent or admin automatically cc: with the message between teacher/student.

  • Chloe Louisa WILFORD

    This would be really useful. We had this issue when we were home learning. If i sent a message just reminding them of something or to come onto a Zoom class, unless the parent with the family app was there, the child wouldn't get the message. Really annoying!

  • Sara Best

    YES! so crucial in remote learning!

  • Kcross1

    YES!! I am floored they don't have this already! Commenting on posts should not be the only way to communicate with a specific student. 

  • Karen Galazka

    Yes!  Especially since we are teaching the kids to be independent during remote learning.  This way they can ask questions easily if they have them while working on an assignment

  • Mrs Nish

    I can understand the safety issues behind WHY we don't have it... BUT I'm still remote learning here in Melb, Australia and I would really find this valuable. 


    Hilary Beemers ^^^ suggestion above seems like a good safety measure to help this- I would be stoked it this could occur. 

  • Penny Flynn

    I agree- I think that if they are doing their work on there they need to be able to message me directly.  Please add this function.  

  • Christine Gable

    I would love this. Right now they have to record a video and send it to me to be approved. This would make it so much easier. 

  • Melissa Baltzell

    Yes - Right now if they send me a message through a comment or through making a journal entry, I usually don't see it until the end of the day when it is often too late.  It gets buried with the other work they submit.  I only check assignments once a day typically and I usually have about 100 a day.  If a parent messages me, I see it right away and even have it set so it emails me.  So much easier.


    I don't have any way to communicate directly with students except if they come to a Zoom meeting.  We don't have meetings scheduled every day and some kids have poor attendance, so it can be days before I talk to a student.  If the parent is really on top of things this is not an issue - I just go through them - but some parents are not and I have no way to help a student.


    Individual two-way messaging with students just like with parents is important.


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