Seesaw Plus price increase information

As of June, 2022, our Seesaw Plus subscriptions have increased to $180 per year. This price change will only be applied to your next year’s subscription fee. 

Please note that Seesaw Plus subscriptions are now only available for currently paid Seesaw Plus subscribers. New paid subscriptions to Seesaw may only be accessed through school and district purchases of Seesaw for Schools. (Learn more)

We understand that price increases are always hard, and it’s not something that we take lightly. In fact, this is the first time we’ve ever raised the price for Seesaw Plus since we first created it 8 years ago. 

During that time we’ve added a tremendous amount of features and functionality to Seesaw Plus, including:

  • New creative tools for teachers and students to use, including multi-page activities, video and voice recording capabilities, and annotation features
  • Students drafts and the ability for teachers to send back student work for revision
  • Calendar view of upcoming lessons and the ability for teachers to pre-schedule activities 
  • New ways to manage activities and to monitor students’ progress

As we look forward, we will be continuing to invest in growing Seesaw so that we can always strive to exceed teachers’ expectations and to be responsive to the needs of our customers in the years ahead. 

For those who choose not to continue with Seesaw Plus or Seesaw for Schools, our basic Seesaw plan will continue to be free forever for teachers, students, and families. Our commitment to providing a high quality education platform free to all remains unchanged, and we are continuing to invest in making that experience better than ever!

If you have any questions about your specific subscription options or feedback that you want to share, please contact us here and we will be happy to assist you.

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